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Sunday School

Sunday Mornings are more fun with Sunday School!
All are invited to join us for Sunday School at approximately 10:45 am on Sunday mornings.  Families begin worship together in the sanctuary beginning at 10:30 am and children of all ages go to Christian Education with Ms. LeeAnne when announced or following the Message for All Ages.  Parents are welcome but not expected to join us.  
God is love; Creator, Holy Spirit and Jesus.  Christian Education teaches the Living Word of God with Bible stories and passages often following the Liturgy meaning that the same scripture Pastor Amy bases her sermon on is the same scripture used as the basis of our lesson.  We make connections from the Bible to our daily lives in a child and family-centered approach.  We learn by acting stories out and asking questions.  We make crafts, play games and do activities in a multisensory multimodal approach with age-appropriate options.  We learn what it means to be part of a church family.  We sing!  We dance!  We Pray! We worship our God of love.