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The Lyme Community and Church Newsletter has been a central resource to the community for many, many years!  Over the next year, the Newsletter will be undergoing a transformation to be presented as a web-based resource. The paper version will still be available. Stay tuned! If you would like to be a part of the team that produces the newsletter, click "Contact us" to the left.
If you would like to subscribe or contribute content to the Newsletter, click "Contact Us", to the left or call the church office at 603-795-2850.  Financial support is also appreciated!  Click the link below to make an online contribution.
The newsletter is posted here monthly, as it is made available. Click on the dates below to view a pdf version of the newsletter.
Apr-May 2021
Mar-Apr 2021
Nov-Dec 2020
Sept-Oct 2020
July-Aug 2020
May-June 2020
Apr-May 2020
Mar-Apr 2020
July-Aug 2019
Sept-Oct 2017
Aug-Sept 2017
June-July 2017
Dec 2016 - Jan 2017
Oct-Nov 2013