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Parish Nurse Job Description

Position Description April 8, 2021
Job Title:         Parish Nurse                               
Reports to:      Pastor                                                 
Schedule:        Part Time (15hrs/week)                
Purpose:  The Parish Nurse shall be responsible for promoting the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of Church members and the wider Lyme community within the context of the values, beliefs, and practices of those served.  The Parish Nurse Program is a major ministry of the Lyme Congregational Church and serves the entire community of Lyme regardless of religious affiliation.  The Parish Nurse is supported by the Health Ministry, the Friends of the Parish Nurse, and other community volunteer organizations.  The Parish Nurse plays a leadership role in defining and managing the program.
Primary Duties and Responsibilities
Nursing Care and Visitation – Supports individuals in the community with both wellness and disease-related issues as a counselor, educator and advocate.
·        Provides individual health counseling related to health maintenance, disease prevention, or illness patterns.  Helps clients understand the impact of the health issue on their physical, emotional, spiritual wellbeing.
·        Listens to and discusses health concerns with clients in their home, hospital, nursing home, or at the church.
·        Makes visits to clients as needed to provide health counseling, education, and spiritual presence and support.
·        Documents as necessary while maintaining confidentiality.
·        Works closely with the health care team, as authorized by the client, to meet the health needs of client.
·        Helps clients understand the impact of the physical, emotional, and spiritual environment on their well-being.
·        Advocates for and assists clients to secure adequate healthcare and supporting services.
·        Encourages people to take responsibility for their health decisions.  Assists clients in making informed choices and supports them in their decision-making.
·        Promotes and provides opportunities for spiritual care to be discussed and integrated into the parish nurse practice.
Community Health Promotion and Education – Identifies health and wellness-related needs of the community and leads education, screening and other programs to meet those needs.
·        Provides opportunities for the congregation and community to learn about health-related issues, early illness detection and health resources.
·        Participates in training volunteers as needed to assist in the work of the health ministry.
·        Provides opportunities for health screenings.
·        Consults with the Pastor and Church leadership to set health-related guidelines for use for church gatherings.
Program/Role Development
·        Participates with UV Community Nursing Project activities to support role development and receive clinical support.
·        Documents as necessary while maintaining confidentiality using REDCap.
·        Communicates with DH-associated professionals using DHConnect when authorized by the client.  Establishes appropriate communication systems with other healthcare professionals when authorized by the client.
Job Requirements
·        The parish nurse is required to be a licensed registered nurse in both Vermont and New Hampshire.
·        3-5 years of Nursing care experience with adults required.  Experience with caring for clients in their home preferred.
·        All duties should be performed in accordance with the ANA Scope and Standards of Parish Nursing Practice.
·        Coordinate work schedule and hours to ensure primary duties are fulfilled without exceeding 15 hrs/week.
·        Maintain regularly scheduled office hours at the church.
·        Average attendance of 2 Sunday after worship coffee hours per month
·        Willing to engage with congregation virtually or in person as indicated
·        Attend Health Ministry meetings monthly and Church Board meetings as requested.
·        Attend weekly staff meeting with Pastor and PN team
·        Submit an Annual Budget to the Board of Trustees.
·        Prepare an Annual Report of activities.