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Aging in Place

Central to our Health Ministry is supporting individuals and families in remaining comfortable, safe, and spiritually strong as they age or face challenges in caring for themselves.
Our Parish Nurses, Kari Allen and Sharon Morgan, work directly with service organizations and health care providers serving Lyme to provide connections and coordination tailored to each individual. If you would like to discuss your goals or challenges you may be facing as you age, please contact the Parish Nurses by calling the church office at 603-795-2850.
We work with CommunityCare of Lyme (CCL) and participate in the Aging in Place Committee, building the strengths and services of our Lyme community, through discussions and programs to address housing, transportation, education, and social connectedness.
Our partnership with CommunityCare of Lyme supports our Health Ministry commitment to the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing of our congregation and our community.