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Virtual Worship

In-person worship services have been canceled temporarily in the interest of public health, at a time when we may need fellowship more than ever. With generous, skilled community support, we are pleased to offer our regular Sunday worship service online for everyone to view when they are able. We encourage all who are able to watch together at our regular service time, 10:30am. 
Each Sunday, we will gather online at 11:30am for a virtual coffee hour.
Worship Service Recordings and Materials
We will post two links each Sunday morning: the recording of the service and downloadable order of worship and scripture texts. We are learning each week how best to deliver the service, given new stay-at-home regulations. The links will remain active, so you may view at your convenience.
April 5, 2020 (Palm Sunday) - Rev. Gayle Murphy, NHUCC, preaching    Recording Click to watch (Vimeo)  Texts Click to download
Communion will be celebrated. To prepare at home: 
Set some bread of any kind and a cup or cups of juice or wine in the room or where you experience worship electronically with our faith community. You might choose to prepare a sacred space, special to you. Some ideas: lay a lovely cloth or a fabric for the bread and the cup, light a candle, add a flower or plant, include meaningful objects, place the photograph of someone you wish to bring into the circle of faith. 
March 29, 2020 - Bill Waste preaching     Recording Download to watch*  Texts Click to download
March 22, 2020 - Bill Waste preaching     Recording Click to watch (YouTube)   Texts Click to download
Coffee Hour Zoom Gathering
Sunday at 11:30am, click here to join us by Zoom, the online meeting platform, which can be accessed by computer, iPad/tablet, smart phone, or dialing in by phone. 
* DOWNLOAD DETAILS FOR 3-29 SERVICE. In order to watch this week's Lyme Congregational Church worship service, you will need to download it to your device first. This extra step was necessitated by technical difficulties with YouTube. To download the worship service, please click on the link in the email you already received and which I have also included here.  This lower but good resolution - smaller file option is your best bet.   You will be directed to another page on which you should click the blue Download box. The video will download to your device, but because of its size, it will take a while to load, with the download time depending on the speed of your internet connection. We'll work on a new, easier option for next week!