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Upcoming Events

Be sure to check out the website frequently for the latest on opportunities to connect with neighbors, help others, and feed your spirit. 

There are lots of news and event sources:  announcements during worship, the Lyme Community and Church Newsletter, a weekly news update from the pastor, this website and more.  We're trying to find the best ways to reach you, so let us know what works best for you!
Also check the Calendar for the latest meeting and event times and locations.

Open House worship service
Sep 29th, 10:30am-11:30am at Lyme Congregational Church
On September 29 we are planning an "Open House" worship service in which we will explain both who we are (and who we are not), the community programs we sponsor, and the various elements of our worship service.  We encourage newcomers to give us a try, and hope that it will be easier to do so if you know you are not the only ones coming to a new place.  There will be special music at this service as well as a special coffee hour to follow.
Meditation Prayer Memorial for Joan Johnson
Sep 30th, 11:00am - 12:00pm at Lyme Congregational Church
Meditation prayer will take place precisely the same time around the world. For any who will be able to attend, the physical service is held at the Lyme Congregational Church, in Lyme New Hampshire. There will be no speeches, no recordings, and when the service is complete, people in attendance may go in peace. Pastor Amy Hayden will commence the service with an announcement of why we're here, and what will take place, and she will state simply on behalf of the congregation that Joan was as long-time member.
Travel to Community Baptist Church of Englewood, NJ
Nov 1st to Nov 3rd at Englewood, NJ
Join us on a trip to visit our sister church, Community Baptist Church in Englewood, NJ.  It will be a fabulous Spirit filled weekend!  More details to follow.